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UTC Time Monday, May 28, 2018 1:21:01 AM

city in . Geo-Coordinates are around Latitude and Longitude. The city is one of the city in region. Presently the clock shows dddd hh:mm:ss tt dd-MMM-yyyy which is having an offset of about with respect to Universal Coordinated Time / Greenwich Mean Time.

There is an app on WebStore where quick access to this app is available. The app can be downloaded from WebStore. Link is available above.

This app also provides search capability where a city can be searched and the tool find all relevant cities around the world. This can be used to quickly lookup time in any place. Further to convert time from one place to another there is another app which allow exactly the same

To add this utility to your website or blog there is an easy way by copying code given below. Buy using this tool your visitors would be able to see time in their region or you can set it so that visitors can see time in fixed region